Looking for IP?

The threat of counterfeiting and piracy is always a menace in the field of Innovation. It becomes imperative to ensure effective protection of your intellectual property. Whether its Trademarks, copyrights, designs or patents - SCPL’s accomplished, experienced consulting team will support and advise you on any intellectual property issues or business globally.

Consulting services offered by SCPL

  1. Intellectual property portfolio
  2. Prior art search and analysis
  3. Restructuring or Optimisation of existing IP portfolios
  4. Preventive strategies and measures to avoid IP right infringements
  5. IP compliance
  6. Patent specification drafting
  7. Patent opposition
  1. Patent application filing and maintenance
  2. Assistance in any issues of trademark or copyrights.
  3. Trademark and design license agreements
  4. Copyright and software license agreements
  5. Patent license agreements and technology transfer
  6. IP consulting on business transactions

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Rajesh Ravindranathan

(Client Acquisition Specialist)