World class ayurvedic research is the solution to Covid19

The world is praying for a solution to the deadly pandemic, Covid19 which has bought the world to a complete halt.

India has a rich alternative medical system based on the Ayurvedic principles and the world is looking up to India to come up with a viable solution to corona virus and some epidemics the world is facing regularly.

A small ayurvedic company based in Chennai in south of India has been investing heavily in scientific research to find cure for important diseases and disorders such as Diabetes, Indigestion, Respiratory conditions etc.

The ayurvedic company is unique as it has been promoted by a spiritual guru based in United States of America (USA) who also runs a very successful astrology services company catering to global customers.

In India Ayurveda is governed by Dept. of AYUSH which stands for Ayurveda, Unani, Siddhi & Homeopathy which are alternatives to allopathy. To sell any ayurvedic preparation, it has to be strictly prepared by as per ancient scriptures and any deviation from the same is not permissible.

The ayurvedic company was also involved in a licensing deal with large Indian pharmaceutical companies for one of it’s preparation and has large ambition to leverage the world class research being carried out for either launching new ayurvedic medicines as also get into product licensing deals with larger pharmaceutical companies.

So the company approached SCPL, the parent of website to advise them to get the R&D certified by Govt. of India as also access Govt. funding for working on neglected diseases and epidemic conditions due to animal-human conflict caused due to imbalance in Nature.

The company’s R&D facilities easily compared with a midsized pharmaceutical company’s R&D facility in terms of design, equipments and manpower available including post doctorates who were involved in research projects.

SCPL worked with the client to streamline the R&D processes, documentation and coached the top management on how to leverage the Ayurvedic research being carried out to look for new opportunities in terms of markets, partners and applications.

The company received the DSIR recognition certificate in March 2020 as also immediately received a call asking the company to apply for Govt. funding to find a viable ayurvedic solution for Covid19 on top priority.

This was a big boost to the management of the company and a prestigious opportunity to work on the critical coronavirus project where the need for a cure for Covid19 which is one of the worst pandemic of the 21st century is of utmost importance.

SCPL is now planning to work with the company to help them form a consortium comprising of academic partner, robust testing lab partner and others to access the Govt. funding and come up with a viable solution for Covid19 as soon as possible which is important to get the world back on track!

Learning from this case study:
  • R&D Team should engage with top management and look at ways it can solve new, critical problems adding tremendous value to the company
  • Explore Govt. / non Govt. funding opportunities for Healthcare projects which is a thriving ecosystem in and outside India
  • Dream BIG because the world is undergoing a Metamorphosis

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Rajesh Ravindranathan

(Client Acquisition Specialist)

Rs. 49.83 lacs, is just a start and saving of 6 months, company will get full year benefits in next F.Y. 2016-17 till company have approval and DSIR recognition


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